Here’s Some Cake To Prove How Much I Love You

There aren’t too many people who would call themselves gamers and yet have never played through at least one of the Portal games. The tension between predestination and freewill is palpable throughout the series and it wonderfully speaks into the blind faith that we often put in technology. This cocktail of faith and freewill is then topped off with a splash or moral intrigue, particularly in Portal 2: Is GLaDOS really having a change of heart or does she just want to manipulate us to our own demise?

I mention all of this for two reasons: 1. You should go play Portal if you haven’t, especially cause there is a slim chance that info on Half-Life Episode 3 could leak out over PAX (that was really hard to write with a straight face – but seriously you should get caught up on everything that’s happening in the Half-Life universe).

And 2. This video is the bomb and you should really check it out! It really touches on a lot of the freewill aspects of the game. And don’t worry, you’ll still be able to follow along even if you’ve never played the game.

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