The Weight of the World

Sometimes I feel like the Incredible Hulk. Not the Hulk when he’s an unstoppable pissed off tank but rather something more akin to the Hulk on the cover of Secret Wars #4. I feel like the entire world is pressing down on me and no matter what I’m pretty much screwed. To give up means death and to keep going means pain.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to seem all emo here. I love my life. I have a beautifully, wonderful wife, I have a great job and I live in a world-renowned paradise of unparalleled culture. I am very happy. But sometimes life can just feel overwhelmingly daunting. The relentless march of schoolwork, the repeated attempts at restoring a relationship with my dad, the agonizing pain of watching my grandpa deteriorate, and the unending frustration of trying to get a business off of the ground. All of these things produce a flood of pressure and sometimes it feels like it’s all a bit too much to bear.

That is why I love games. Video games let me escape to a world where all of the problems have a logical and attainable solution. Characters and worlds challenge my emotion and intellect but not beyond the boundaries of my strength. Rather, they gradually push me along, encouraging my growth and success. The process of play melts the stress away and causes the world to seem bright, airy and attainable again.

God has given us an incredible gift in the form of plasma rifles, blue turtle shells, and ASHPD’s so that when the trials of real life get us down we can be reminded that we indeed can succeed. We just have to take a moment out to play so that we can realize it.

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