Sex is Super

Everybody loves sex. But this beautiful thing is often outrageously taboo when it comes to either the church or video games. Both communities tend to shy away from talking about sex and the role that it plays in our lives. Sometimes games will throw in a steamy alien/human love scene or a bouncing car in an alleyway but for the better part its typically not addressed. The church tends to carry this a step further and either outright condemn any talk of it or its congregants coyly change the subject when it’s brought up.

But what if God really loves sex? I mean the guy made it for us for crying out loud so you’d think he’d intend for us to enjoy it. And if that’s the case then why don’t we ever talk about it? Well lucky for you, you’ll find an excerpt below of a paper I wrote which addresses this very question. And if you dig that then make sure you hit the link after the excerpt to get the full paper. Enjoy! (Oh, and while the paper may make you blush a bit, it’s definitely only rated PG13).

Sex is worship. That’s right, that scandalous, unspoken, sensual act actually glorifies the creator of the universe. While many Western, evangelical Christians may feel their faces flush at the mere mention of sex, it is a God given, God crafted act which has existed since the dawn of time. However, over the ages sex has been twisted, perverted and condemned by those both inside and outside of the church. The result is that it has been relegated to the recesses of our minds and sucked dry of its beautiful essence. For many, sex seems to only exist to fulfill our genetic or seedy desires, yet nothing could be further from the truth. The glorious dimension of sex, the first and foremost reason it was created, is bound up in its natural ability to glorify God. This ability to glorify is woven into our imago Dei and as we will see, sex is one of the most beautiful ways in which it is expressed.   

Research Paper – Sex as a Reflection of God

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