A World Without The Batman


It is one of the saddest tragedies of our age that Batman doesn’t exist. Sure any hero (ahem, Spider-Man) would be stupidly, awesome in real life but they require the bending of known physics or reality itself. Batman on the other hand is simply a man. A man who decided to change the world and sacrifice everything to do it. What if we followers of the Kingdom took our role just as seriously?

The disconnect lies in the fact that true villains exist in the world but unfettered heroes mostly don’t. Now when I say villains I don’t mean people like Osama bin Laden or Hitler. Those people are certainly demented but they do what they do to obtain power. As a counter weight, many people (though not all) such as soldiers, officers, and firefighters act as heroes to save the world from these evil forces. Yet, there are some people who live beyond the code of the power struggle. These are true villains; people who seem to live only to (in the words of Alfred Pennyworth), “Watch the world burn.” It is for these villains that we need unfettered heroes.

People who are willing to lay down everything in order to save the world. Not just their lives but their salaries, their homes, their livelihood, their dreams, and their joy just to take part in rescuing humanity. Heroes who are not bound by county or country lines. Heroes who save a life at any cost, even it’s the Joker’s. Heroes who have nothing holding them back.

How different would the world look if we lived like Batman? Striving only for the desires of the Kingdom: to save a world that is lost and broken by sacrificing our all.

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