Another Castle

Sometimes I have some pretty amazing stuff to say. Sometimes I feel like my knowledge and wisdom is bubbling over uncontrollably. And sometimes I’ve got absolutely nothing.

Today is one of those times.

But no worries, just because my deep insights are coming from a far away internet land doesn’t make them any less spectacular. Here’s a couple of links to some articles I found to be down right fascinating.

The first is about how the boy scouts are going to start offering a game design merit badge. Helping old ladies across the street, learning how to be a man, selling tasty popcorn and now game design: if that isn’t the heart beat of 8bitkingdom then I don’t know what is.

The second is about how researchers from North Carolina University discovered that playing games was adding to the emotional health and stability of seniors. In a world riddled with pesky boy scouts and talking dogs there are apparently only two remedies: tie balloons to your house and float away or load up a round of Diablo 3.

Finally, the third guest on our list loves bike riding by the beach, romantic spaghetti dinners and discussing why video games are a uniquely beautiful medium. I’ll be coming back to this one in the coming weeks but in the mean time check out this surprisingly insightful (and paradoxically somewhat immature) foray into what makes video games great.

So there ya go, plenty of reading material, and I promise next time I’ll be ready to blow your mind with more of my abounding, humble, insight.

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